Lost In Network

An open-source web application to analyse your network.

Register your devices in a secure way.

Lost In Network allows you to store your devices information in a database in a secure way. The passwords are encrypted in a way that they can only be accessed when logged in the application. The application uses an AES Cipher, the key being the SHA512 of the user's password which is stored in the server-side encrypted session.

Keep records of your devices' configurations.

Lost In Network will fetch your devices' configurations and store them on disk encrypted, just like the passwords in the database. With that technique, you can keep track of your configurations, by date. You can download them decrypted or create an archive of your encrypted files. Never loose your configurations again !

Analyse your devices !

Once you fetched your configurations files for your devices, you can start an analysis. Check your version vulnerabilities, your configurations warnings and such and get a nice reporting.

Automated Asynchronous Tasks !

Don't waste your time, start the task and keep working ! Asynchronous tasks allows you to start a task and keep using the application to do something else. Fetch your configuration, update the CVE , analyse your configurations. Some asynchronous tasks can even be executed at periodic times ! No need to update the CVE manually, it's done once a day.

Encrypted data is a key concept.

We never store clear-text data on disk. Everything is encrypted. Want to change your password ? LiN will decrypt everything using your old password's hash and re-encrypt everything using your new one !

Basic Real-Time information about your server.

You can even monitor your server from within the application.